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Projects To Date

Since our Company was formed in 2021, BCMS have successfully succeeded in delivering contracts / projects to one of Irelands largest Electromechanical Contractors.

BCMS have also delivered Projects to one Pioneering Giant in their field of Hyper Scale Data projects, worldwide who are world leaders in the Manufacturing & Installation Modular Units for the Hyper Scale Data Projects Industry

Silent Aire : Installation of various sizes of carbon, Stainless steel & Copper pipework, installation of Valves and Supports. Installing final details, insulation, cladding and labels on the system.

Suir Engineering : Installing Gas, Chemical, Water, Exhaust, Air, Waste pipework and equipment. Assembling High Purity pipework.

Mercury Engineering : Installation of Exhaust Scrubber systems, Installing Carbon, Stainless steel, Copper, Chemical lines & PVC Pipework. Installing various types of Instruments, valves, pipe shoes & pipe supports. Completing Quality Walks / inspections on the systems prior handing over them to the client. Providing Engineering support, Ordering & Tracking required materials, Ensuring that the work is monitored according to the required specifications and P&ID’s.

Our Clients

Silent Aire: Installation of 20 numbers of various Modular Air Handling Units

  • Welding and installation of both carbon and stainless steel piping spools
  • Installation of various types secondary and ancillary steel works, pipe hangers, pipe shoes, pipe saddles, supports etc..
  • Brazing of Copper pipework
  • Installation of insulation, cladding.
  • Installation of Valves and Vendor supplied Special Items
  • Ensuring correct labels are placed on each piping system
  • Ensuring the highest quality of work is carried out by our team of professional tradesmen in accordance with Silent Aire requirements and Project Specification
  • QA/QC walkdown of all installation works to ensure compliance with Silent Aire Project Requirements
  • Final Handover to Silent Aire of QA/QC Documentation packs

Mercury Engineering: Installation of Exhaust Scrubber systems, Semi-Conductor – Base Build

  • Providing Engineering support,

  • Ordering & tracking required materials

  • Installation of Exhaust Scrubber systems

  • Fabrication and Installation of  Carbon &  Stainless steel piping spools

  • Installation of Carbon & Stainless-Steel Piping

  • Installation and Brazing of copper piping 

  • Installation acid waste  PVC Pipework.

  • Installation of Vendor supplied instruments, Temp Gauges, Pressure Gauges , and other special items

  • Ensuring   the work is  carried out  according to Project Specification , Project Requirements

  • Completing Quality Walks / inspections on the systems prior to final handover to Client 

Suir Engineering: Semi-Conductor Tool install  

  • Providing Engineering support

  • Ordering & Tracking required materials, as per MTO (Material Take off)

  • Installation of various types plastic piping PVC/PP/PVDF

  • Installation of Conex Compressed Copper joints

  • Installation of various types of Gases & Chemical lines

  • Installation of Air, Wastewater pipework and ancillary equipment.Installation of vendor supplied Special Items

  • Bending High Purity Lines, ( KEX Tubing )

  • Pre-Assembly, Weld joint fit up High Purity pipework as per IFC Isometrics

  • Orbital Welding of High Purity Pipe work (Orbitalum) to Suir &Project Approved Welding Procedure Specification’s (WPS)

  • Ensuring the highest standard and Quality of work is carried out and achieved  by BCMS site team , complying to both Suir Procedures & Project Specification

  • Attending walkdowns , closing out of punch list items prior to final QA/QC Walkdown to Mechanical Completion (MC) of each system &sub-system  prior to  final  handover  of Tool to Client