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Conex Compressed Copper Joints

Cross Sectional High Purity KTEX-weld

Electro Polished Internal Root Penetration

Assembly of high purity pipe skids

Electro Polished KTEX

Fillet Welding by use of FCAW Welding Process

GTAW Large Diameter SS Pipe Spool

GTAW SS Piping Spools

High Purtiy Pipe Rack

Semi Automatic Welding Carbon Steel pipe-spool

Semi Automatic Welding SS Autowire Feed

SMAW Carbon Steel Pipe Spool

SMAW Welding Carbon Steel Weld Joint

GTAW Welding CFOS Pipe Spool


GTAW on large Diameter Stainless Steel Piping

Completed Chilled Water Header Insulated and Labels

Director Declan Collins conducting site Tool Box Talk

Completed Chilled Water Header Insulated and Labels

BCMS crew identifying and recording outstanding mechanical snag items -punch lists.

PVC PP Orbital Welded Stainless Steel piping conntected to ESU Tool Install

BCMS Supervisor Training crew-on Navigating Building Inforamtion Modelling (BIM360) Station

12” Flanged PVDF Pipe spools

200mm Double Contained Pipework

Acid Waste double containment piping system

Double Contained Drain Valves

Gluing Bonding PVC Pipe Spool

Heat Tracing Insulating Shoe on PVC pipe spool

Installation of 12” PVDF UPW Flanged Pipe Spools

Installation of Unistrut pipe supports, pipe hangers,

Installation of various type stainless steel Valves

N2 Purge Daisy Chain High Purity Piping